Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm the featured artist in March's issue of Pin Up America! Go Get A Copy!

Hot off the presses - the newest issue of PIN UP AMERICA MAGAZINE is now available! (#8 - Mar/Apr ’12)

Through our store:

Or through our website:

Shipping world-wide!

Includes 52 pages of full color beautiful photography and articles on:

-Cover & Centerfold: Hollywood’s Masuimi Max (photographed by Deanna Marie-One Stop Pinup)
-Page 3 Pinups w/ Ink: Micheline Pitt (by Mannon Pictures)
-Puttin' the Rock in Rockabilly: Eddie Angel, from the Garage to the Grammys (by Greg Laxton)
-Time Flies: Photo Tips from a Pro (by Bodacious Betty)
-Pin-up in Poland: Lady Sabath, the First Polish Pin-up Photographer (by Reddnessa)
-The Pin Up America Show: Special Guests and Shows
-Correspondents Corner: Knoxville’s Salome Cabaret (by Rachel Dee)
-Feature Artist: San Francisco’s Ryan Hungerford
-Rockstars & Pin Ups: Hollywood event co-presented by Pin Up America Magazine
-Miss Psychobilly Seattle: Dessi De Vine photographed by David M. Bailey
-Burlesque Around the World: Australia’s Briana Bluebell (by Contessa)
-Diary of a Tattoo: Wyoming’s Heather Maranda (by Dawn Harlan)
-How to be a Pinup: Ask Judy Pop
-Salt Lake City’s Rockin’ Christmas Charity Event (by Ashley Marie, Pin Me Up Utah)
-All Dolled Up: The Roaring Twenties (by Jay Burnett)
-Winners of the Mar/Apr ‘12 International Photo Contest
-Pin Up From Down Under: Miss Pinup Australia (by Miss Pixie)
-In the Spotlight: Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx (by DC Larson)
-“Past” Events Photo Pages
-“Future” Events Around the World
-The Retro Corner: Humorama (by Erica Hesse), Recipe and Slang Dictionary


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WOW! Looks like my kind of mag! Congrats on the exposure!

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