Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm the featured artist in March's issue of Pin Up America! Go Get A Copy!

Hot off the presses - the newest issue of PIN UP AMERICA MAGAZINE is now available! (#8 - Mar/Apr ’12)

Through our store:

Or through our website:

Shipping world-wide!

Includes 52 pages of full color beautiful photography and articles on:

-Cover & Centerfold: Hollywood’s Masuimi Max (photographed by Deanna Marie-One Stop Pinup)
-Page 3 Pinups w/ Ink: Micheline Pitt (by Mannon Pictures)
-Puttin' the Rock in Rockabilly: Eddie Angel, from the Garage to the Grammys (by Greg Laxton)
-Time Flies: Photo Tips from a Pro (by Bodacious Betty)
-Pin-up in Poland: Lady Sabath, the First Polish Pin-up Photographer (by Reddnessa)
-The Pin Up America Show: Special Guests and Shows
-Correspondents Corner: Knoxville’s Salome Cabaret (by Rachel Dee)
-Feature Artist: San Francisco’s Ryan Hungerford
-Rockstars & Pin Ups: Hollywood event co-presented by Pin Up America Magazine
-Miss Psychobilly Seattle: Dessi De Vine photographed by David M. Bailey
-Burlesque Around the World: Australia’s Briana Bluebell (by Contessa)
-Diary of a Tattoo: Wyoming’s Heather Maranda (by Dawn Harlan)
-How to be a Pinup: Ask Judy Pop
-Salt Lake City’s Rockin’ Christmas Charity Event (by Ashley Marie, Pin Me Up Utah)
-All Dolled Up: The Roaring Twenties (by Jay Burnett)
-Winners of the Mar/Apr ‘12 International Photo Contest
-Pin Up From Down Under: Miss Pinup Australia (by Miss Pixie)
-In the Spotlight: Honey Cocoa Bordeauxx (by DC Larson)
-“Past” Events Photo Pages
-“Future” Events Around the World
-The Retro Corner: Humorama (by Erica Hesse), Recipe and Slang Dictionary

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Stoned Hedorah Shirt...

I've always imagined Hedorah (the Smog Kaiju) gettin' a little baked before layin' a beating on Godzilla. I've always wanted a tshirt of this but could never find one so I made one. If you want one too, you can get it here. They come in a variety of sizes and colors...

Friday, February 03, 2012


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

VS: A Show of Opposites!

I'm in this amazing show this Saturday. If you're down and around, stop by and say hey. The art in this show is so visually stimulating, your eyes will be impregnated with awesomeness! Don't miss it!